Everything had beginning with the union of three great men: Andre T├ętard, Julien Haudiquez e Alexandre Grisoni; from there T H G. In the course of time, as a result of the meeting with the designer Jean-Claude Del├ępine, the already present skill in the craftsmanship and the passion for the creativity, brought the society to the highest standard of arts and crafts. Indeed, in 1995, with the designer’s proposal the society acquired his creations, creating faucets of superb style and luxury. Faucets of highest standard and accessories for the bathroom made both with high quality metals, with the use of crystal and others fine materials.

In 2013 THG Paris has been rewarded with the prestigious French quality label EPV: Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company). Given by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, as recognition for to be a companty that preserve on-going artisan craftmanship traditions. An exquisite production of high quality luxury faucets and accessories for the bathroom, the France’s rich cultural heritage pride.

THG offers to his costumers a wide selection of accessories of style and collections for the bathroom so as to make it an enchanting place.For make it possibile THG supervise all the stages of manufacturing, from casting to machining, then from polishing and assembly, through plating and varnishing to shipping. Every single stage is subject to strict qualitative controls.

After over 50 years of experience THG now export his luxury products in more than 62 countries and it’s part of a few hundred company rank that are distinguished by their rare skill.

Here in Italy we find one of the best point of sale thanks to Arnaldo Castelli with THG Milano.